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Attendance Line: 303-982-0111

ESP = Empleados Hispanohablantes 


Mark Abling (Juniors/Activities) 303-982-0253
Roger Eighmey-Griffin (Dean) 303-982-0190
Dan Quaratino (Seniors/Athletics) 303-982-5721
Gina Yacovetta (Principal) 303-982-3656
Jeremy Jensen
Jasmine Silverman (Sophomores/Scheduling) ESP 303-982-0136


Cindy Campbell (Last Names H-N)  ESP  303-982-0129
Hayley Caraveo (SPED Social Worker) 303-982-0105
Kevin Falk (Last Names O-Z) 303-982-6149
Jennifer Gamble (Registrar) 303-982-0130
Kamilee McNeil (Last Names A-G) 303-982-0453
Matt Teegarden (General Social Worker) 303-982-0112


Art, Visual
Lindsay Holt 303-982-0151
Ciara Pias 303-982-0062
Business Education
Steve Urban 303-982-0105
Career Explore & Credit Recovery
Natalie Huff

Maren Meyer    
Computer and Technical Education
Jon Cihlar 303-982-0176
Andrew Rogers
Sergio Yanes (Dept Chair) 303-982-0188
Culinary Arts
Emily Duncan 303-982-0144
Olivia Andrew 303-982-0114
Lauren Brennan
Lindsey Hewett 303-982-0147
Steven Mathis (Theater and Dept. Chair) 303-982-0165
Judy Nelson 303-982-1585
Rachael Powell 303-982-8907
Josh White  303-982-0168
Sergio Yanes (Yearbook) 303-982-0188
Joel Carda  ESP  303-982-0102
Carolyn Kegeris 303-982-0150
Laura Schallmoser 303-982-0480
Mari VanNatta (ESL Instructional Coach)  ESP  303-982-8173
Intervention Services
Johnna Crawford 303-982-6305
Catherine Gonzales ESP 303-982-8140
Matthew Katzman 303-982-0185
Alex Marin 303-982-0140
Danielle Muller (Dept. Chair) 303-982-0148
Jon Seim 303-982-6175
Deborah Bacon 303-982-0956
Cory Graham 303-982-8171
Elizabeth Kantner (Dept. Chair) 303-982-8233
Barbara Steward 303-982-0187
Steven Tarrant 303-982-0170
Jamie True 303-982-6125
Jason Ziegler 303-982-0194
Cory Goshorn (Band) 303-982-0120
Jolayne Gutzait (Orchestra) 303-982-1026
John Miller (Vocal Music) 303-982-8121
Physical Education
Kurt Castillo 303-982-0201
Jamie Thorson 303-982-1146
Tim Spears - trainer 303-476-0640
Shannan Corman 303-982-0158
Laura Schoenfeld (Dept. Chair) 303-982-0125
Daniel Varda 303-982-4782
Joe Ventola 303-982-0149
Tanya Smith 303-982-0096
Social Studies
Nick Floerchinger 303-982-0530
David Holt 303-982-0056
Brandon Murray (Dept. Chair) 303-982-0597
Ryan Ogi 303-982-0195
Kyle Smoker, Gov't, US History 303-982-0179
Staff Development
Mike Beckwith 303-982-1197
Success Center (Study Hall)
Art Dwyer 
Ryan Mecillas
World Languages
Keila Castorena ESP  303-982-0171
AnaLee De La Cerda 303-982-0227


Attendance Line
Attendance Line 303-982-0111
Margaret Smith 303-982-0135
Facility Manager
Wil Wilson 303-982-0134
Family Liaison
Rod Allmon 303-982-0169
Fax Numbers
Counseling/Records Office Fax Machine 303-423-8096
Financial Office Fax Machine 303-982-0160
Main Office Fax Machine 303-982-0163
IT Support
Jeremy Lovato 303-982-1033
Library Media Center
LaRaine DeBraak-Lockert 303-982-0192
Main Office Support
Beverly Hoyt (Principal's Secretary) 303-982-0115
Jenna Hyland (School Nurse) 303-982-3021
Debbie Ipson (Financial Secretary) 303-982-0117
Sharon Lopez (Webmaster) 303-982-0164
Shonna Pivic (Athletic Secretary) 303-982-0116
Vicki Waltz (Clinic Aide and Attendance)  303-982-0181
Student Support
Andi Allen (Restorative Practice)

Hannah Doran (Re-engagement) 303-982-0138
Gionna Icaovetta (Restorative Practice)    
Taylor Maunu (Restorative Practice) 303-982-0209
Vernon Whittington (Capstone Program)  303-982-0127
School Resource Officer
Darron Walter 303-982-0123
Rob Cordova
Donny Keith    
Nina Russell    
Speech & Language
Kat Young 303-982-0206



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