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ESP = Empleados Hispanohablantes 

Molly Jordan (Freshmen/Scheduling) 303-982-0091
Dan Quaratino (Juniors/Athletics) 303-982-5721
Jeri Raabe (Seniors/Activities) 303-982-6368 
Gina Rivas (Principal) 303-982-3656
J.P. Sampson (Sophomores/Assessment) 303-982-0107
Jasmine Silverman (Dean) 303-982-0136
Attendance Line
Attendance Line 303-982-0111
Art, Visual
Aimee Butterfield 303-982-0138
Ciara Pias (Electives Dept. Chair) 303-982-0062
Business Education
Steve Urban 303-982-0105
Margaret Smith 303-982-0135
Computer Science
Andrew Rogers 303-982-
Cindy Campbell (Last Names H-N)  ESP  303-982-0129
Kevin Falk (Last Names O-Z) 303-982-6149
Jennifer Gamble (Registrar) 303-982-0130
Kamilee McNeil (Last Names A-G) 303-982-0453
Serena Seneca (Special Ed Social Worker) 303-982-0176
Matt Teegarden (General Social Worker) 303-982-0112
Vicki Waltz (Transcripts and Assistant) 303-982-0181
Tabitha Campbell  303-982-0159
Sky Hand 303-982-6251
Lindsey Hewett 303-982-0147
Lauren (Mikkelson) Wasser (Theater) 303-982-0182
Judy (Nelson) Pizzulo 303-982-1585
Rachel Powell 303-982-8907
Josh White (dept. chair) 303-982-0168
Sergio Yanes (Yearbook) 303-982-0188
Joel Carda  ESP  303-982-0102
Jordan (Felker) Godwin 303-982-0119
Carolyn Kegeris 303-982-0150
Mari VanNatta (ESL Instructional Coach)  ESP  303-982-8173
Facility Manager
Wil Wilson 303-982-0134
Family Liason
Lisa Vega Fields 303-982-0154
Fax Numbers
Counseling/Records Office Fax Machine 303-423-8096
Financial Office Fax Machine 303-982-0160
Main Office Fax Machine 303-982-0163
Intervention Services
Johnna Crawford 303-982-6305
Catherine Gonzales ESP 303-982-8140
Melissa Glenn 303-982-0140
Jordan Hissa 303-982-0187
Lindsey Kronenwetter 303-982-0155
Tamra Lowe 303-982-3331
Danielle Muller 303-982-0148
IT Support
Jeremy Lovato 303-982-1033
Library Media Center
Heather Anderson 303-982-1399
Main Office Support
Beverly Hoyt (Principal's Secretary) 303-982-0115
Debbie Ipson (Financial Secretary) 303-982-0117
Sharon Lopez (Webmaster) 303-982-0164
Shonna Pivic (Athletic Secretary) 303-982-0116
Anna Strother (Clinic Aide and Attendance)  ESP  303-982-0158
Amanda Amundson 303-982-0085
Deborah Bacon 303-982-0956
Cory Graham 303-982-8171
Pam Hunter 303-982-0099
Elizabeth Kantner 303-982-8233
Barbara Steward 303-982-0187
Jamie True 303-982-6125
Jason Ziegler 303-982-0194
Cory Goshorn (Band) 303-982-0120
Jolayne Gutzait (Orchestra) 303-982-1026
John Miller (Vocal Music) 303-982-8121
Out-of-building Coaches
LaRaine DeBraak (Cheerleading)
Robin Doyle (Boys & Girls Tennis)
Jon Hood (Boys Cross Country)
Kathy Howes (Softball)
Neil Magor (Boys' Soccer)
Anthony Sandoval (Wrestling)
Liana Duenas (Girls Soccer)
Michael Vaughn (Girls Track)
Tim Wompey (Volleyball)
Physical Education
Kurt Castillo 303-982-0201
Luke Orvis 303-982-0166
Jamie Thorson 303-982-1146
Tim Spears - trainer 303-476-0640
School Resource Officer
Darron Walter 303-982-0123
Leslie Durant 303-982-0211
Rick Durant 303-982-0141
Laura Schoenfeld 303-982-0125
Daniel Varda 303-982-4782
Joe Ventola 303-982-0149
Mark Visel 303-982-0110
Josue Bernal
Taylor Maunu
Social Studies
Mark Abling (US Gov, APUSH) 303-982-0253
Art Dwyer (Dept. Chair) 303-982-0221
Nick Floerchinger 303-982-0530
Greg Greer  303-982-0050
Wendy Havelick 303-982-0594
David Holt 303-982-0056
Brandon Murray 303-982-0597
Staff Development
Mike Beckwith 303-982-1197
Success Center
Roger Eighmey-Griffin 303-982-0190
Technical Education
John Howes 303-982-0191
World Languages
Jennifer Ahnert (French) 303-982-5244
Keila Castorena (Spanish & Dept. Chair)  ESP  303-982-0171
Rita Robinson (Spanish)  ESP  303-982-0205
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